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Tomorrow, The Cancer Is Toast!!

DAY 12. Well maybe not toast but definitely gone. And because of the type of cancer, we will take measures to ensure there will be no return. Ever. But, it's scary. Except for being tired, probably from the stress, she does not feel ill at all. Tomorrow, we change that--tomorrow, we all change. We will have a chance to grow closer,  learn how to care and love and "feel" like we haven't ever before now. I imagine when we come out of this in a year or so that we will be so much stronger in so many ways. Don't know exactly how that will happen but I'm certain it will. I know she will be in good hands with the surgeons tomorrow but I admit that it will be difficult to not be with her. We've gotten very used to being together in tough times and this surgery thing should be one of those times. Perhaps I can get a press pass!! Smile. I felt like getting a haircut today and when I did, I went on a short walkabout. This is in Old Town Alexandria. Wish us luck, say a prayer. We'll be back home tomorrow night. Without the cancer.Old Town Alexandria

Milestone Number One! The Cancer == Toast!

Quick Run To The Grocery Store