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The same smile through the years!

Diane At Green Spring Composite

Diane At Green Spring Composite

This is a very stylized image which includes many shots I took eleven years ago in Green Spring Garden Park. Diane was kind enough to pose a bit as we did a walkabout through the gardens. The composite is a little "artistic" but trust me, the old house is there, the rock ruins, the pond with the fountain, flowers, and more. What I remembered most when I took the photo was the smile. She has almost exactly the same smile today...but much, much less hair. Ha! The surgery went well although four and a half hours seemed like a long time. Well, a long time to me, she slept through it all!! They found no residual cancer, reconstruction was successful, and everyone is very encouraged. Thanks to all for your healing energies and prayers. In four weeks, she starts radiation. An insurance policy against any hidden or sneaky renegade cells.Did I mention the "take home care kit?" Tubes and drains and pads and wipes and....  I'll be busy too!!

Just one more thing...

Poised for Phase III