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Poised for Phase III

Fence Line

Fence Line

Well, the mean, nasty, awful, healing, health bringing chemo has been over for over a month!! The immunotherapy, which is also an infusion, started two weeks ago. She has surgery this Thursday and whether there is residual cancer will determine what mix of immunotherapy or targeted chemo is appropriate for the next 12 months. Diane has remained VERY busy since the main side effects have begun to diminish. Designing the madeover basement, protecting the flowers the hummingbirds love from evil moths and worms, cooking for all of us, filing stuff, etc., etc., etc. She still has residual side effect issues, mostly with failing nails and raging tears because sometimes chemo clogs something up in her eyes and there are always "tears."  Her hair is starting to come back...a little. We don't know whether she will be blond or gray! But...she will "be" and that's a winning lottery ticket!

The same smile through the years!

Season 6, Episode 2 coming to an end