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Season Six, Episode One

Katsucon Warrior Pose

Katsucon Warrior Pose

At last we are at the end of this part of the journey. Busy week. Kirsten was born 26 years ago yesterday. Wow. Kelsey started work at what sounds like a cool summer school/camp for kids where she has to provide intellectually challenging activities that are thought provoking and fun. And, this is the first cancer Season without some sort of baseball activities. Kyle decided to work this summer instead of baseball and has a job in a small chemical engineering company where he is getting many opportunities to learn and then do; AND, he really enjoys what he's doing. That is actually a good distraction for both Diane and I. We've also been busy with other medical appointments since she has surgery in a month. Lots of people to talk with and lots of places to go. Things are moving fast and we're happy about that. Well, Diane is not moving so fast but that's because of the Episode One timing. She is doing good, though, and smiling through it all. Both of us are suffering from "chemo brain," (me, only by close association and proximity, of course) so we both have to pay attention to what we're doing or God knows where we'll end up. I have driven by more than one Interstate exit I meant to take...oh well. It'll get better for Diane, me...well, I'm hopeful! Smile.This is a composite image from several I've taken over the years. The young lady posed for me in the 2018 Katsucon.

The Long View

Father's Day