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Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Mountain Valley

Mountain Valley

We are almost at the end of "Week 2" and things are looking better. It's not as fast as in the past but that's to be expected since all these good poisons are cumulative. We embrace each day no matter the challenge. Last night we went to Kyle's Varsity baseball game in the season Regional tournament. They won and if they win this coming Friday, then they head off to the Virginia state tournament. School? You ask. I admit to not knowing how it works. A miracle, I guess.Diane's surgery has been scheduled!! Huzzah. She goes in the first part of July which is very soon after chemo is over but that's a good thing for us...less waiting. She just has to stay strong and fit and keep the blood counts high. But we know she will.I found this image while doing a walkabout in the West Virginia mountains several years ago but publishing today seems pertinent. Rain. Fog. But the sky is clearing!

Way, Way Back

Season 4, Episode 2