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Bastille Restaurant & Wine Bar - Very Nice!

DAY 10.  With surgery only three days away, we are noticing that time is compressing and we are running out of time to do the list(s) we started a couple of weeks ago. So I took a chance that we could get into Bastille with only an hour's notice. And we were in luck. The four of us went and we were there early, just after six, and the place was very quiet with only two tables filled. By the time we left, the place only had two EMPTY tables. There was quiet conversation and laughter...a perfect evening. Diane had the Bouillabaisse with a Frisee/Endive salad and she loved it. The kids had the hanger steak which was tender and done to perfection. I had the pumpkin soup (very good), coq au vin (also very good), and a pineapple tarte (so-so). The service was excellent. Because we were there so early, our meals came out before others in the room. Many asked us what we were having and that started short food conversations. Lots of fun. A magnificent evening at Bastille!  But...I didn't have my camera, this shot is from my phone. Next time!Bastille Wall Menu 

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