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Season 4, Episode 2

Carnegie Library Bench

Carnegie Library Bench

Things are going better with my bride than just a couple of days ago. Mother's Day was a cool interlude in this episode. We had a quiet family day with naps and a weird board game that was fun but hard to play. Diane's days and nights have been filled with awful nausea, fatigue, no-taste to metallic-taste, pain, dehydration, and on and on and on. Of course, she still is concerned that we aren't eating properly, taking care of ourselves, etc.  But, that's what she does. We have hummingbirds again including a single who just comes and sits. He eats some but mostly just sits. Maybe he is waiting for something better. Maybe he's staking his feeder territory. Maybe he's the spirit of a guardian angel. The behavior is different. Diane is worried that he's sick. I do not think that's so. Today we have doctor appointments and I've got some cleaning to do. The last (we hope) of the work from the freeze damage (JANUARY!!) is scheduled for tomorrow.  That should bring things halfway back to normal. Right...Yesterday I went to the old Carnegie Library in DC which is now a huge Apple store. The 120 year old building has been empty for a very long time. Apple and the DC conservation society (I think that's their name) spent a lot of time and money restoring the building (mostly Apple money I bet). The outside is almost like it was a hundred years ago. The inside is all Apple but they kept many of the main architectural features. I did not buy anything. Amazing. Sometimes the beauty of things is in places that weren't intended to be viewed. This is from a teak bench on the grounds of the library during a rainstorm. I loved the lens-adjusted range of colors viewed through the droplets on the richly colored bench. By summer, the bench will have weathered to a shade of gray.I had my service provider fix the problem with making comments to the site so now if you'd like to comment on anything, have at it. The timing is still unpredictable as the comments go through a bunch of filters and then end up in an email to me all asking for approval. I won't approve any hateful or mean or troll like comments. I've gotten quite a few over the last 2 years and don't want anymore.

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