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A Letter to My Wife on Mom's Day!

Diane,If you line up the trillions of possible paths on which our lives could have proceeded, the chances of an “Us” were tiny! Teeny! Infinitesimal!! Any small change in either of our life currents would have had us whooshing by one another like tumbleweeds in a South Dakota windstorm. And yet…Destiny struck where it mattered, and we started together with adventure, excitement, fear, fantasy, hope, and love. In what seemed like a nanosecond but was actually most of three years, you became a mom. You morphed into Mother Earth with strong roots, sheltering branches, sturdy structures, wisdom, confidence, faith, and above all, humility. You nurture all of us, care for all of us, guide each and all of us, inspire each of us, love us unconditionally, and keep us focused on family values. All of that while working long hours at a high stress, internationally focused “day job.” Well, you’re not working a day job anymore but there’s that cancer thing keeping you busy!Because of you, our kids have questioning minds, adventurous spirits, respectful expectations, and real, human emotions. We love and care for one another and others because of your example, your humanity, and your love. Mom! Wife! Wonder Woman! Happy Mother’s Day!!Love, meThe first photo was taken in 2008 by Debby Crevonis...the Way We Were! The second, last Thanksgiving, the Way We Are now, including Paul, Kirsten's fiancé.Family Thanksgiving 2018

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