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Session 3, Week 1, Day 5

Oxon Hill Farm Shed Door

Oxon Hill Farm Shed Door

Things are on track. Which is an understated way of saying things are really not good at all. I guess the hopeful news is that since she is on track, tonight things will start to improve...but in the meantime...not a lot of fun for her right now.Kelsey stayed with her all day yesterday; I took a brief break to run out to Oxon Hill Cove Park and Farm. My artist friends had been there earlier in the week and I am trying to keep up. Except for the wind, the day was gorgeous. Of course, since I'm from South Dakota, wind is the norm so I barely noticed the vibrating leaves. I found the textures, angles, and context of this building perfectly matched my mood for the day.

Color or B&W

Week 1, Day 3