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Snow, wind, and fire...

Lorton Incinerator on the Reformatory GroundsI am running on empty and I'm not sure why. I posit it's because I haven't been out with my camera much and so when I went to the dump this morning, I took a camera. I wanted to take pictures from the front yard of the landfill office but they said I needed permission and I'd have to call back between the hours of 8 and 4 Monday through Friday. Well, I asked and they did their job and told me no but I took one snap from the parking lot anyway which is the first one below. The second shot is looking back at the super incinerator from the equestrian area just a mile away. Hard to believe that this was all part of the Lorton Prison twenty plus years ago, one of the worst prisons in America.Diane is doing okay. Taste buds dying, some pain, some nausea but the worst is her eyes. Her eyelids are infected so badly that they are bleeding. Sigh. Doctor available next Thursday. Double sigh. Six years ago when she went through this, she did the surgery first, then radiation and then chemo. This time it's reversed. I looked back six years on this site to see what was happening after the first chemo session then. Sort of the same without the eyes, that didn't start until later.This image is from this morning at the Fairfax County Landfill. I was on what used to be the Dairy Farm of the prison but is now an equine center. Life changes. 

Oh. Those Canadians!

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