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A Plan or at least the start of a plan

Off we go! All of the preliminary meetings and tests are complete and her journey picks up speed  next week. We have our emergency phone numbers, her prescriptions, and our calendars ready. Time to start! Time to kick this particular cancer from here to someplace far away. Chemo first, then several months from now,  surgery/radiation.All the kids are here this weekend which is really cool. Perhaps we'll play games or talk about things of days gone by or even stuff we'll do in the months to come. Whatever, it's great to have them here.Diane will have surgery at the end of next week to put the port in and I'll get the paper "logs" ready to track the drugs we do at home to minimize the agony of the chemo. Her "chemo cocktail" this time is something called TCHP which is an acronym for words that are huge and angry looking. The first session is five hours long so I'll take computers to set up a network, cards for canasta or cribbage, books, and more. The first session will be March One. In like a lion!!Inverted Burke Lake, VA


Controlling things that can be controlled