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Controlling things that can be controlled

Diane has had many tests over the last week and a half. Three biopsies, MRI, PETscan, and an echocardiogram. And yesterday, the haircut!! We went together in the rain to her stylist and I snapped as the stylist cut. And cut she did!! And cut! And... Well, you get the idea. The before and after are below. I think she looks great! Diane has to choose the chemo cocktail mix that she'll will receive. The alternatives are slightly different for positive outcomes but the risks are also different. Lots to think about. She sees her surgeon tomorrow who will schedule surgery for a port. Then she'll start the chemo regimen she selects which will be somewhere between 18 and 30 weeks. Then surgery and radiation, but, we don't know yet whether the radiation or the surgery will follow chemo. Yep. It's scary.Diane before the haircutDiane after the haircut

A Plan or at least the start of a plan

Eye of the Storm