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Eye of the Storm

Two of my college roommates, brothers actually, became USAF weathermen after they graduated from college. One of them flew in the back of WC-130 Hurricane Hunters and got to know hurricanes and bad storms up really close and personal. The other moved to Norman, Oklahoma of all places, to be in the center of severe storms where he electronically and probably physically chased tornadoes and where he started a museum about storms! But, me---well, I don’t really know what happens around such storms, so naturally I let my imagination run wild. I’ve always been fascinated by what the eye must be like; I imagine a peaceful, yet tense calm, the proverbial calm before the storm. I also imagine uncertainty as the gray walls of the storm approach and the air becomes denser, closer, threatening.Waiting must be one of the harder parts of a storm. You want to move on, to be doing something, to take action! You know that big things are about to happen, but the act of waiting is NOT one of those big things. What’s next? When will the calm recede? Where does the road lead?Delaplane, VA

Controlling things that can be controlled

Cancer...one more time.