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A Winnie The Pooh Kind Of Day

Day 7.   Some very cool things are happening...because of the cancer. Some wonderful notes, emails, calls, posts, touches, etc. One thing  deserves a special shout out. One of Kyle's friends, a fellow baseball player who is also 10, broke his foot this week. He went to the doctor and  they told him that he had to have a cast, one that went all the way to his knee. He said to them, "I want to have a pink cast for Kyle's mom." A wow moment.Kelsey and I went to the Old Town Farmer's Market. Not too many people. The temperature was 30F but the wind was blowing 20-30 mph and it was coooolllllllddddd. We walked around, bought some bread and veggies and headed to a warm breakfast. A blustery day.Alexandria Market 

Clear Winter Day

A Thousand Years Ago