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Children Put In Camps

I'm relatively astounded, although I know I shouldn't be since this type of thing has been done before by Americans. Of course I ache for the children who've been taken from their parents, separated from their siblings, and put in what are probably terrifyingly lonely and dangerous places...Most of the time their parents came here to ask for asylum because family members are being killed in their native countries and they had few places to go...and they chose America. I know that Sessions says DHS behavior is condoned by the Bible...I think that's shameful, but, then I'm not as learned a scholar as he.I wonder, if you are one of the DHS people who arrests the adults and then takes their children away...how do you go home at night and look your children in the eye? I think they must also be suffering.I will say a prayer not only for the families ripped apart, but for the Americans being forced to psychologically torture children and put them in CAMPS! This is not a political thing...this is a human play for power. I pray for those who support this travesty because they think it might save their vision of a "America" which quite frankly is not my vision.The shot below is an abandoned prison in Lorton, VA. The shot reminds me of the terror those kids must be going through. I can't imagine.Lorton Prison  

"Stop Swallowing This BS...Go Look For Yourself"

Human Suffering