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High School

Another shooting. Crickets in Congress.Yesterday we found out that an "expelled student" had tweeted his intention to shoot up a local high school and that he will do the deed today! Copycat? Disturbed child? Evil incarnate? I don't know; I have to believe that someone is investigating.I read the most incredible things after school shootings, some of them are just beyond comprehension. Gun sales have been down since November 2016, even Remington Arms filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The oped I read suggested that the arms industry might be hoping for a large democratic surge in the 2018 midterm elections since democratic wins always turn into large sales events for firearms and ammunition manufacturers. Some people blame school violence on (1) the parents and/or (2) video games that have made our children callous towards violence. Keep the guns...control video games. Or parental behavior. Hmmmm. Really. People who are really broken will more than likely always find some way to hurt people. The sheer difference in mass is the weapon...all the prohibition of video games, R-Rated movies, pornography...or whatever is not going to change the impact of a firearm like the AR-15 firing magazines of 20+ plus rounds at lightning speed into the bodies of small children. I posit that we have tried for thousands of years to "fix" broken people and that we haven't been able to improve our success rate, indeed, we only give them more tools for terrible destruction. Of course, one of the "answers" to all of this is to arm the teachers. Of course, the next step will be to arm the students. And on and on and on.I went out early in the drizzle and stood under the Wilson Bridge. I watched the homeless dig through the trash and the "Far From Homeless" jog on the asphalt trails. Oh, and, I took these photos.Looking Straight Up at the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Looking Back to Land at the Woodrow Wilson Bridge

Racism...and "Sticks and Stones"

Union Station