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Yesterday I wrote about the nominee for a federal court from Alabama;  today, I wonder about the GOP candidate in Alabama for senator. As more women come forward to accuse candidate moore of assaulting them when they were young, the stronger his counter-attack against them and, of course, the press becomes. I think that even the hard core conservatives are beginning to doubt. BUT, because mitch mcconnell is against moore, many Alabama republicans are for moore. What I wonder is how Alabamans will vote for him...an accused child molester...versus a democrat. Their response might be that a democrat is worse.  moore has been popular for years because of his racist views and his tribal adherence to his own brand of what it is to be an American. I'm pretty sure he'll be elected.This is all good cover for removing health care by including provisions for elimination in the tax rewrite. I find the tax rewrite on the verge of astounding. The new law will increase the deficit by $1.500,000,000 by giving tax breaks to the very rich. The middle class will pay more which keeps the deficit number lower. And I guess all the people who voted for trump are okay with that. Well, not on the verge of astounding, but, actually...Astounding.Seems like it would be fair to just tax EVERYONE a flat 10%, no deductions. No loopholes. No exemptions. Probably a one page law. Hah. That'll be the day.Alabama Cemetery

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