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Blue on Blue

Hmmm...is that a song? Listening to the news make me think that most folks in the country are in a continual state of road rage. I'm looking at potential solutions.Political parties? The current administration is a wonder, not in a good way...and is quite different than either republicans or democrats. Republicans are tickled to be in the congressional majority but remain out of touch with most of the actual people in the country and so don't do anything human. Democrats puff up with glee each time the administration tweets another incredible fabrication but the democrats have nothing of their own to offer except blah...blah...blah platitudes and are out of touch with most of the actual people in the country. The president is neither republican nor democrat and I don't think he actually cares about most of the actual people in the country.Churches? I heard that a bishop in the midwest had his priests urge their parishioners to vote republican in 2016 and even lifelong democrats did as he bid! My church (BIG church, not local) has avoided any substantive discussion on some current social issues and so has alienated parts of our population. The big deal with new mega churches and the millennials that attend them is to go on a mission to Africa or India or Costa Rica, not Mississippi, Indian Reservations, or inner cities.  So I'm pretty sure that churches are out of touch with most of the actual people in the country.And the media? Big collective sigh. Some time ago there was a differentiation between "the news" and Yellow Journalism. But the earth shook with the electronic age and the lines between the news and "almost the news" began to blur. Instead of reported facts, we receive conclusions and suppositions based on bias and fear to get more clicks. News people often start and stop their journalism using only headlines to draw people in and those headlines exist to get 'click ads' to generate revenue. Media outlets worrying about daily hits on their websites and advertiser click throughs...I'm pretty sure that they are out of touch with most of the actual people in the country.What to do? Doing nothing is dangerous because the economic and social collapse will only be staved off by an international crisis that will temporarily bring the nation together and divert our attention away from our division. Think North Korea. Perhaps the answer is at my level...your level...the individual...each one of us. The actual people in the country.We should be able to talk civilly with one another; to recognize the right to have our opinion, no matter; to let that person know that their opinion is as valuable as mine. EXCEPT there is no room for hate, prejudice, ostracism. We do not have to agree...we have to talk. One-on one. I'm pretty sure that actual people in the country can do that...When we don't, I feel blue.USN Ship in DrydockPotomac & Shenandoah Rivers Velocity Not to Exceed 135mphCastoff rope on the dockDay is Done

Heavy Heart For New Yorkers...and all of us