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Things Are Never Black & White

Day 5. Early in the day I stuck my head out the back door at work and took this shot. I didn't think I'd have enough time to shoot something outside by the time Diane and I drove to the doctor's and got back. I was right. I converted the shot to B&W.  In life and in cancer, I also want things to be black and white, or at least as close to black and white as possible. That way I can be grounded in what should happen or what might not happen. But since cancer is mostly a human thing, the black and white hope has long faded. In fact, I'm over that part of the process. We are living in the gray areas, the margins.  The margins are often where we are when we look beyond the day we are in or even the week that's coming. The doctor today was very B&W. Given the protocol lined up so far, Diane will be okay. That's the hurray type of B&W.  Not an easy road ahead, but she will have help. Eight days until we say "adios" to that little bastard, the cancer.Trees At Work

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