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Wow! What a hideous monster of a storm that's hit part of America and is barreling towards Florida. We are anxiously awaiting word from our friends in Puerto Rico and we are sending prayers to all who have been so harshly hit by this massive storm. It was raining here in the DC area yesterday so not too many people were wandering about unless it had to do with their work. I took the opportunity to tour the USCG Eagle, a magnificent sailing ship, a "bark" that has docked in Alexandria for a few days. Originally a German ship, it was part of the WWII reparations package and has been part of the USCG training program for many years.  This is an "old fashioned" ship, with sails, block and tackle, climbing rigging. As I walked the wet, wooden decks, and looked up at the web of lines, masts, and sails, I thought of the men and women of the Coast Guard and what they must be doing during this unbelievable storm. I admire them and am very thankful for what they do! And that's what I told them.USCG The EagleUSCG The EagleUSCG The Eagle


My heart goes out to the flood victims