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The Great American Tragedy

A friend on FB reposted a "news" story that likened the BLM to nazism. O.M.G. Now it's true that the "news" article the friend reposted came from a neo-conservative, very racially biased organization...that's not what saddened me. What saddened me was that my friend took the global horror of nazism and the murder of 6,000,000+ people and normalized those atrocities into American life. That really is not okay. NOT okay. When I see the nazi undercurrents of racial, religious, ethnic hatred being supported by the White House and apparently my friend on FB, I am deeply distressed. When I ask myself, "Don't trump supporters see what's happening?" the answer I keep finding in the press is, "We support trump no matter what he says or does." They did not see it in Germany in the 1930s and then...the nazis came for them.Alabama is having an election to replace Sessions in the senate. The front runner is a former Alabama supreme court justice who was removed from the court TWICE. Once for refusing to remove the Ten Commandments from the courtroom, the other time for refusing to allow same sex marriages. He is winning in the primary because his ultra-conservative opponent (but not ultra-conservative enough) is supported by mitch mcconnell and not trump. Most republicans today are no longer Republicans, they are observers, too, of the Great American Tragedy.Railroad bed in Harper's Ferry, WV 

Joe Arpaio...

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