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The Hive

Back to the Building Museum to see their current major exhibit, "The Hive."  The Hive looks sort of like...a hive. At first glance I was reminded of cylinders of brushed aluminum but as I got closer, I could see that they were heavy cardboard rolls, silver on the outside, magenta on the inside. Like giant toilet paper centers! Inside each of the three structures are musical things...percussion and chimes that visitors can whack on whim! But actually the sounds are captured within the hives and so don't echo about the huge Museum Hall. The tallest of the hives is almost 60 feet high and people can walk about inside and play all of the instruments. Serious numbers of children were doing their best to get all of the instruments playing their loudest at the same time. The word cacophony comes to mind...and yet...not quite. The sound blended into the material of the hive and the chimes and percussion instruments seem to almost be in tune. The entire thing is the work of Jeanne Gang and the Studio Gang Architects. Art as a building...who knew! Or is it a building as art? The first three shots are from around and inside The Hive, the last is a Long View of The Hive.The Hive at The Building Museum____________________The Hive at The Building Museum

____________________The Hive at The Building Museum

____________________The Hive at The Building Museum 

I really don't have the words...

Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776...it's worth a read