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"Bullshit!" he said.

"Bullshit!" was a friend's comment about my last post on climate change. He wrote an email with an apology for the outburst but in truth, he and I have been throwing the bullshit flag at each other for well over 30 years. We would sit and berate one another for lack of vision, understanding, empathy, and common sense. And then we'd move on and do something fun, like serenade senior officers in an officer's club bar. And so, I'm not offended or on edge. (Although I am shocked at his lack of vision, understanding, empathy and just plain old common sense.)  I have hope for him.  Another friend, also lacking the above personal attributes, mentioned that he'd seen NASA and NOAA scientists falsify data so that the "concept" of global warming could be shown as proven. Fake data, of course, saddens me. It seems this should have been reported to an IG or supervisor or...well, someone. I've known the first since 1968 where I met him in university ROTC. I have known the second since 1976 when we met at Tyndall AFB over a UPA-35 radar scope.What do I do to respond? Here's my plan...I'm going to "give" them the concept of global warming, that is, for the sake of my analysis I will concede the global warming point. Instead I will look at the scientific components that are said to cause global warming. The Weather Channel founder guy claims that 97% of scientists believe in global warming and that they are ALL wrong, nonetheless, I assume that they will have published a great deal of data about their theories...even if they are all wrong. And I will look at those theories to determine what harm comes from the human act. For instance, burning coal...I will ignore any "global warming" issues and bore down on slag ponds, water pollution, erosion, or whatever and then I will try to establish some sort human impact scale to see if there is a long term, permanent and negative impact from the activity. This is going to take me a while so don't expect a quick follow up post. Of course, I can feel the Bullshit flag flying through the air from Colorado even as I type this missive. Oh...the humanity.Kyle had a baseball game in Northwest D.C. yesterday. The field was in a park that was a civil war fort, Fort Reno. It's also a reservoir, I think. It was a cold war facility with secret communications stuff, underground barracks, etc. And the vestiges of its history remain...three mysterious, castle-like towers surrounded by barbed wire fences and security cameras and antennas. Very D.C. Where is Rapunzel?Fort Reno CastleFort Reno British Tudor House & Tower 

Camera. Lights. Action. Shoes. Casino. Stop!

Global Warning...Myth or Mystery?