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Just outside the Baltimore Museum of Industry is a sunken boat that was part of the Oyster Wars in the Chesapeake Bay. There was a plaque describing this boat's role in the wars...I think it was a police patrol boat. I looked at older pictures of the boat posted by others over the years and note that the boat is slowly but inexorably sinking. Soon it will be gone. Above the tug you can see the huge Domino Sugar plant. Did I say HUGE? What I thought was a deck with cranes is actually a HUGE cargo ship with cranes, the Kmarin Jasmine (yellow cranes on its deck). I looked her up, she had sailed from El Salvador through the Panama Canal to the Inner Harbor, I'm guessing loaded with sugar. Next to the dock, in a large parking lot and exhibit area, are symbols of America's industrial past...large, rusted industrial equipment. I have no idea where these large pieces are from, or what the equipment did...and, there are no signs, and all of the identification tags have been sanded down. The second shot is a small section of one of those huge pieces of equipment, perhaps from the steel industry. Maybe this is the edge of the rust belt.Baltimore Domino Sugar Factory Baltimore Museum of Industry Rusted Equipment

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