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Day 2. I don't really need the cancer to stop, rather, I'd like all the other stuff to stop. I'm sure this is a normal reaction because...well, it must be. We are quietly going into the planning, coping stage. The logistics stage. All manageable. For us: Just plan. Even plan for the unplannable. Just plan. As we go through this over the next six years, I think that we'll try to learn more ab0ut this multi-headed beast that someone named "cancer."But in the meantime, planning is best therapy. And, for us ADHD people, a WRITTEN plan is excruciatingly necessary. And, everyone loves it when a plan comes together.....sorry.As for today, I listen to the cares and concerns and try really, really hard to balance them all in my mind, and then, TILT....STOP.  More properly, not STOP!! all written in CAPS with many exclamation marks but  just....  Really? Stop.Stop SignThe thing about "time" that makes me smile is that the marching of said time is never ending. Good. Or. Bad. 


Dog Hat! Now That Made Us Smile!