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Rainy Day

Yesterday morning a friend and I did a walkabout on Capitol Hill in a Photoworks class. My friend, who is British, commented that the weather reminded him of Britain. And not in a good way. We had a breeze, a chill, and the rain. I was reminded of Iceland or South Dakota. The walkabout was cut short lest I melt away although I did take a few worthy shots. This one caught my eye because I assumed a survivor had placed the pink lock on the gate. The gate was filled with locks and I'm sure each had its own significance...but this one had a message for me that this person and my family probably had something in common.I added a couple more shots since the "shoot" was supposed to be in black and white.Pink Padlock in D.C. Capitol HillHip Grandpa on Capitol Hill, D.C.Getting Ready For Lunch on Capitol Hill, D.C.

Defend Our Government Institutions!

Nighttime in Glen Echo