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Most of the American experience with prisons has been to either punish wrongdoers or rehabilitate them. Entire professional organizations and institutions exist to study the issue of how to "fix" wrongdoers...I'm not sure they are getting any closer to the solution than when the first prison was built thousands of years ago. But we have lots of prisons here in America. In SOME other countries, people who disagree with their government's policies on human rights, individuality, political comity, etc., are imprisoned. Sometimes for life. America has done that, too. Japanese internment, Chicago Seven, McCarthyism that entailed "virtual" imprisonment before the word virtual became popular. Our forefathers knew the risks and the Bill of Rights was born. The Supreme Court has recognized that limits exist for the benefit of each and for all.I wrote a lot more for this post but choose to save it for another time...hope springs eternal. The shot below is Eastern Pennsylvania State Penitentiary.East Pennsylvania State Penitentiary

People's Climate March