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Super Bowl Weekend - All Eyes To New Orleans (Not)

And so I think I've now defined what a "normal" weekend might be. First, you have dinner and fun with friends on Friday night--certainly not the type of Friday night I had just a few years ago and certainly not the type of Friday night I had when I was a fighter pilot (ye gods, that was thousands of years ago and because of me, the economy of Scotland was probably at an all time high)!  But still fun!  Then, you sleep in until 6:30. At 8:00 Kelsey and I bundle up for a stroll in Old Town Alexandria to see what they might have to offer...and quite frankly, t'wasn't much! I bought some Swiss Chard because, I'm told, therevare some health benefits when you eat that...oh, and kale, too. The wind was blowing very hard! The temperature was 16F, who knows what the wind chill was. We bought the kale, chard, some leeks and a pound of coffee. Then off we headed to have breakfast with a friend just a half block from the market. Then home. Then grocery shopping. Then cleaning. Then watching a family movie (Avatar). Lots of cuddling and stuff. This is normal. This is good.The Super Bowl is tonight. I'm sure it will be fine.I've noticed that some of my friends are doing the 365 challenge, where you take and post a picture everyday. I think that this might be a good time for me to start the same thing. I'm not sure that all of them will be here, they might be on my photo facebook page. I would like to take my camera with me everywhere I go and in fact, much of the time I do. But, the D-3S is sort of a big piece of hardware and being unobtrusive is a challenge. Some may be taken with my iPhone. I wonder if there is ever a desperation level reached---it's 11:00 pm, time to go to bed, and, "Oh Wait!! I have to take a picture! And post! O...M...G...!"Whatever...I guess I'm committed. Seems like a normal thing to do (not). In a life that's been overly normal and boring (not). In a time of my life that was meant to be normal and stress free (not). With a normal, quiet family (not)!!I'm thinking, and Diane is okay with it, that I will take pictures of our lives for the next few months (easier for the 365 Challenge!!).As a side note, I still am trying to figure out how to use a "support group." The South Dakotan in me thinks that support groups are things on a bridge structure to hold the span in place. So my support "therapy" is writing stuff on this piece of the magical internet. I'll still put up photos of Things I Notice but will also rant a bit more. Because, for me, ranting is normal.Walking Bridge 

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