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Rain! The bane and the pain of the baseball game! OMG...a rhyme. Well, maybe not. But it's been wet here, for days. And although my camera is supposedly resistant to rain, I am not. I can literally see myself rusting. My wife says they are age spots but I think they're really rust. I will try Brillo pads later today.Our mulch in the front, which is normally just mulch, has become a mushroom garden. And not the pleasant looking kind of garden, more like the kind you'd find outside the castle of Snow White's Wicked Queen. I decided to get a closeup of one of the...hmmm, whatever they are called (trees, plants, fungi???) and while I was shooting, a squirrel decided to investigate so I did a portrait of him. He gets a couple of 8x10s for posing.I think the weather will clear today. I hope so. We are marching in the PeoplesClimate  demonstration this Saturday and although I'd still walk in the rain, this rust is troublesome...perhaps Rustoleum.Front Yard Mushroom MacroFront Yard Squirrel