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I've written before about how places of worship hold a special place in many people's hearts and minds. Sometimes unreasonably so. On a recent walkabout in Annapolis, I re-visited St Mary's church which is not too far from the water. I was attracted inside by the sound of awesome organ music which I thought was a pipe organ but upon doing a little research, now I'm not so sure, I mean what is a "Four Manual Rodgers Organ?" Perhaps it's a hybrid pipe and digital system. Again, I am not sure but the sound was good. Of course, my friend Liz, who plays a real pipe organ for a living, might not agree with me...her ear is tuned much better than mine.The second shot is from the basement of a bookstore, The Old Fox Books & Coffeehouse, not too far from the US Naval Academy. This bookstore is very cool with lots of interesting books, great coffee and an especially friendly atmosphere in an absolutely fantastic building. You must visit! The place exudes "character!" Like visiting Indiana Jones' house. Check out the skull on the step!!Annapolis, St Mary's ChurchOld Fox Books & Coffeehouse

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