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Postcard - Local Hate Crimes

My impression is that there is a growing number of people who believe that their hate for others is now okay to act out. Last night the Northern Virginia Jewish Community Center and the Little River United Church of Christ were hit by haters who defaced those properties with anti-Semitic and other hateful graffiti. The Little River UCC is known as an open and welcoming place for the LGBTQ community. This kind of evil behavior must be condemned by my community, and, the hateful people who did it must be caught and punished. History should be our mentor and teacher...this type of thing happened to the Jews and gypsies in the 1930s.One does not have to be an activist or a marcher to denounce those who hate and act out their hatred. Rather, I must make it clear that in the space I occupy and that's right around me, I will not tolerate your vitriolic spewing of hate and evil. I know that it's scary. But we have to, we have to! stand up to the haters.The shot below is from Eastern State Penitentiary in Philly.Postcard - Eastern State Penitientiary

The World May Be Upside Down...

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