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Postcard from the Edge - Peoples Climate & The Environment

What science? The administration's attack on environmental protection is significant. The Trump mantra is that whatever he does will increase the number of jobs in America.  For environmental issues, that's only partially true since jobs will increase in the short term and then quickly erode as the new norm takes over. For instance, the Keystone Pipeline, for a number of years lots of labor will be required to build the line. The work will be hard and the wages will be reasonably good (maybe).  (As a side note, I'm not sure where the workers will come from to do the job. I'm pretty sure that Native Americans in the Dakotas will not be hired.) But then the pipeline will be built and I'm told that the labor force to maintain the line will be less than 100 people. Unless there is a spill.  And then we will have more oil in America so the supply will go up. If the supply goes up, I assume the price will go down. Hmmmm.In the meantime, the Chesapeake Bay and the Great Lakes suffer, drinking water suffers, the air suffers. Few in our newer generations remember how really yellow the air was in Los Angeles just 30 years ago. That detail of history is gone. To believe that the polluting corporations will police themselves is naive. Within months or sooner, our air, our water, our "things" will begin to deteriorate. Lead paint. No problem. Sewage in the rivers. Not to worry. Chemical runoff in the streams. Overstated. Genetically modified pesticides in our children's food. Not scientifically proven. Rising oceans! No worries...new beachfront. Second hand smoke implications. No protection required, move to another room.Hyperbole! You say! Over reaction! You say! Well, not really. That's the new science. Twitter based. Tweetology, Tweeticist, or something like that.Over a thousand years ago, a Danish king named Canute denied science by expecting the waves to subside because he believed he had the "power" to make it so. It didn't work out for him and it's not going to work out for mankind with the latest version of a ruler with very odd scientific notions. I have joined Peoples Climate, an organization dedicated to the issue of preserving our environment and the human appreciation of the place we live. We are marching on Washington on April 29th. There will be marches in other locations. Please join us. If you can't march...send money, write letters, call your representative. Tell that this is not only reckless, it's a world class catastrophe.The shot below is Alexandria, VA at the end of a flood. Without reasonable consideration of our environment, this will be the new norm.Floodwaters Alexandria, Virginia

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