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Postcard from the Edge - Healthcare

Of course, my opinion is like whistling in the wind but my previously ambivalent attitude about health care has changed. My opinion changed in part because of the intense debate that's been going on in America for years and in part because of a book I read some months ago. My research, my reading, my listening to ALL arguments has led to this new position. The raging debate about Obamacare and the fundamental need for healthcare came to a focus point in my brain and I now believe that America should have universal health care...in other words, everyone should have something like Medicare...everyone. I cannot remember the name of the book I read, I will find it and provide proper citation but the author was a young woman from one of the Scandinavian countries who married an American and moved to this country. She wrote about her experience and her thought was that her native country's universal health care not only provided the care but also helped people live a better adjusted life since they did not have to WORRY about getting healthcare. She had a similar logic for college education. But that's another postcard.This really shouldn't be about whether you are a Republican, a Democrat, or an Independent, this should be about whether you are a human with any kind of moral compass. I watched a news clip on CNN about a small town in Kentucky with a population of very ill people. Until they had Obamacare, they had no health insurance. Many of them admitted they would have died but for the care they received because of the ACA. They voted for Trump. And now, whatever plan is voted on that will repeal the ACA, those people will lose their care. They know they will die. They still support Trump. They should be able to support Trump without having to worry about whether or not they are going to die. My rich friends will throw the bullshit flag because (a) they don't want to work to pay for someone else's care, and (2) they don't want the feds to make their decisions for them. I just shake my head. Moral famine.The shot below is a composite that includes a "beach" shot of sunset close to Jamestown, VA and a skeleton that was on the porch of a store in Occoquan, VA.Postcard - Jamestown 

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