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Postcard from the Edge - Robots

Today I read a very interesting article from "The Hive" which is an online version of "Vanity Fair." While the article is entitled "Trump's Tech Kryptonite," the issue is much larger than Trump and really got my imagination kick started. The premise of the article is that the age of robots will have a far more dramatic impact than what at first you might imagine. The example they use is self driving cars. According to the article there are more than 30,000 deaths a year from vehicle accidents and over 80% of the accidents are caused by humans. Of course one of the biggest benefits from self driving cars will be a dramatic drop in accidents. Seems like a good idea...drinking and driving. No worries. Work an all nighter and need to get home to catch a nap before your flight out. No worries. Your George Jetson car will do all the work for you. And think of the semi-trucks. No more worrying about logging your driving time because driver's won't be necessary. But wait. Fender benders and crashes should go way down so we won't need collision shops. Not as many insurance adjusters.  And doctors...don't need so many. Hospitals and ERs. Well, we can devote to senior citizen care.And robots do a lot in car manufacturing right NOW. But imagine...you could actually "print" a car with a 3D printer. Just add an engine, maybe an electric or cell driven car. The petroleum people could spend their time and resources manufacturing 3D printer material. Which we could use for other things. Like houses, perhaps. Do you suppose we could build a 3D printer/robot big enough to build a house? No house builders. No truck drivers. No....well, lots of us will be idle or perhaps fixing robots.And like the sign in the article says: "BE NICE TO THE ROBOTS."I took this shot a few years ago from Central Park looking northwest.Central Park, New York City

Bulletin Building - Chinatown

Flying Time