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Postcard from the Edge - Church

I read an interesting post yesterday, the subject was services funded by the government. The poster's position was that the government should not be helping people, that people should be standing on their own and if, for whatever reason, they can't or won't help themselves, then the church should help them. The writer went on to say that he didn't go to church or give the church money but that he was pretty sure he would attend except that he paid taxes and paying taxes prevented him from going to church or contributing to the church.Really?Church. Synagogue. Mosque. Temple. Those are organizations that, among many other things, want to help people lead good lives.  For thousands of years that has been pretty much the case. And, it really didn't matter whether the attendee paid taxes or didn't, they would give so that others could live. But the numbers of givers has never equalled the need and/or the "reach" of the givers has never been long enough. Our society, through moral conscience and national caring has taken up the slack as have most other modern countries.But back to his statement: if he didn't pay taxes he would go to church. Perhaps if there were a tax cut he would go once a month. And if no one paid taxes, we would all go to church. Roads? Police? Firefighters? etc? All in church. No worries.Manassas Clock

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