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One of the fun things about spring is all the new animals that show up in the yard. A few years back I took this shot of two fox pups taking a break from their play. The neighborhood hosts quite a few fox and I admit to liking them...their beautiful fur is very cool. They do make quite a racket when they talk to one another which is usually only at night. One of the neighbors said he wished the foxes were all gone and that we had coyotes. I was a bit shocked because coyotes are not at all cool or at least I don't think so. I asked him why and he said because coyotes would kill all the cats that wandered about the neighborhood and were so hard on birds. He told me that fox would not go after a cat.The thing is, coyotes will go after almost anything. Especially the new hybrid coyote, the coywolf. The coywolf is a hybrid unique to the northeastern United States, weighs about 55 pounds and is about 8% dog, 8% wolf and 84% coyote. They have adopted to the urban scene and occupy park space, empty space, roadside woods, etc., throughout the northeast. They are seldom seen. We have coyotes south of us, around Lorton, and northwest of us in Rock Creek park. I'm hoping that somehow or another, they skip our community. But then, hell has certainly frozen over so I'm sure we'll have them soon.Baby Fox

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