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Amy Krouse Rosenthal :(

Yesterday, Amy Krouse Rosenthal died...ovarian cancer killed her. Many, probably most of you, haven't heard of Amy but perhaps you've read some of her stuff such as "Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life," or one of her many children's books like "Duck! Rabbit!" or maybe you've seen one of her short movies, or one of her TED talks. I discovered her on a TED talk as she discussed her life philosophy: the "7 Notes on Life."  She was fun to listen to, fun to imagine being with in one of her adventures, and fun to try to do the things she suggested we do.If you have time, please watch the TED talk linked above. As a prelude to the Talk, she included a short movie she did about creating things...and creating/making things is what she reveled in. So much imagination. So much love. So much creativity! She's gone but her words, her ideas, her enthusiasm, her inspiration will live on in those who've experienced her magic.Sunset

Postcard from the Edge

Arrrrgggghhh! A Pirate's Mate!