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Flu - it finally got me...

Actually I am not sure that I have the flu, the doctor called it some sort of virus but did not say the word "flu."  He asked me if I had been out of the country...  Had I eaten any exotic foods... etc., etc., etc. No to all. But I do volunteer in an elementary school which is the petri dish of all things exotic so I guess it's not surprising that I have come down with something mysterious. In any event, I am pretty much laid low. I am spending all of today's energy going through old photos and deleting those that aren't so good. I post this one from California which I will delete because the thing isn't in perfect focus. Of course, I was a little surprised by the owl and so didn't have time to prepare fully...and he would NOT pose for me. I am really not sure what kind of owl this is...a big one, that's for sure.Owl


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