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I Don't Wait Well - But I'm Learning (not)

Treatment by committee is the norm for cancer, I guess. Now I know why I should have included medicine in all of the careers I've had over the years. Just to know the secret handshake, to find out what's happening because with my background, I assume that if I don't see action, then no one is doing anything, and so, nothing is happening. Sigh. Patience. Patience. Can't even get outside since two of the kids are sick including a trip to the ER on Friday night. All is well now but the Bactrim is flowing and all will be normal soon. Patience. I'm teleworking, trying to get things done in an orderly fashion but orderly is just a state of mind. Patience. Haven't taken any photos in days. Amy in Sweden put one up for us (thanks!!!).  I was racing about last Monday picking Kyle up from camping in the Hills when I caught a glimpse of this old building out of the corner of my eye. The trees reminded me of a Hansel & Gretel movie, the place was surrounded by barbed wire, and I couldn't get very close. I wondered how old this place was, who had lived here, what happened to them. The sun was peeking out, casting mottled beams, like my mood. Patience. Patience. But...at least I noticed.Stone Building 

I Do NOT Want To Die

With Cancer - Things Pile Up Quickly