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Fly Away

I would love to be an ostrich and stick my head in the sand and stay that way while waiting for things to get better. Or get on an airplane and fly away and come back when all is well. But none of that's going to happen so I will stay here and work at changing things, one little bit at a time.But, oh...the flying away part has a great attraction to me and not just because I was a military pilot. Does anyone remember when commercial flying was fun? The nervous excitement and happiness you always encountered in the airport, the wonder of quickly moving to another part of the world for adventure, family, and, well the...fantasy of it all. And the airline people seemed to be a fun part of the adventure; they wanted your trip to be successful, they seemed to lean forward with hospitality. But most of those days were back in the time of "regulation" by the government, pre-1978. Things began to change then and within 15 years or so we had smaller seats, extra charges, jammed airplanes, only a handful of mega-carriers, abysmal customer service, and more of a manufacturing style industry than a transportation service for real people. Some say that deregulation got us cheaper airfares. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe not.Reagan National Airport


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