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With Cancer - Things Pile Up Quickly

The issues get more and more complicated every day. With each test, each doctor we see, we learn something new. So do they.  This is like a "piling on" of decisions that must be made quickly, that will last a lifetime. What seemed like a fairly straightforward path just a few days ago is now more complex, more subtle, more significant. DNA tests, hormone receptor tests, good candidate, conditional candidate, not a candidate....I'm furiously taking notes, she is listening intently. But frankly, the data is coming so fast--like a fire hose--that it almost never rises to the level of information, until later. During the appointment we ask the questions we've prepared and some from the appointment but...it's like a date without a goodnight kiss. Something is missing. So now, I think we will do some reaching out to support groups. Neither of us grew up in a place/time where we asked for help, so that's not in our makeup. We'll have to learn. Frankly, I'm not even sure we know what questions to ask but I am sure that others have gone through this same rush and so, we'll reach out. Speaking of piling on, the picture below is from Burke Lake, the lowered water level exposed old stuff and someone had piled them on a rock. I noticed.Pile from the bottom of the Lake

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