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Local Artist

I did a walkabout today to Union Market in D.C. The highpoint of the adventure was meeting an artist "in residence" at the West Elm pop-up just a half block from the market. She makes beautiful and intricate pieces of art with small copper tubes and sometimes other objects; her art is a fusion of structural and elemental strength that she combines with delicate and vulnerable components...like seedlings. I scooped up her card so I could give her a shout out on this site and then I promptly lost it, probably in the very strong wind. Sad face. If you read this, Kaitlyn (my memory is as faulty as my ability to keep track of biz cards so if I've gotten the name wrong...second sad face) put a comment in and I will link to your site.We were booted from the actual Union Market because they had a misplaced, nay wrong, legal interpretation of when photos can be taken. Now admittedly, I was in a photography class of several folks that would have been circling the market like vultures (or papparazzi) looking for the perfect shot. However, people who are in a public place, even though it might be privately owned, have no reasonable expectation of privacy and so me taking pictures...legally it's okay. But the security guard and the "manager" made it clear that artists and other denizens of the marketplace may not want their pictures taken. Wow. The place must be presidential. Oops. Capital P on presidential lest I get hate tweets from the POTUS.I did take shots in the market itself and in the blocks around the market. Things have changed a lot here. I used to drive through this neighborhood when I worked in Maryland. I remember the burned out cars and the sounds of gunshots. It's gentrified now. Hmmmm.Artist[pp_gallery id="3321"] 

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