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National Gallery of Art - East Wing

Yesterday I took a class led by Barbara Southworth at the National Gallery of Art, East Wing. The building was renovated a short time ago and I hadn't been there in many years. Much of what was on exhibit and the new building was new to me. I admit that I should have gone earlier so that I could enjoy the art as well as the class. Despite my inclination to walk slowly and take photos, I found the art so compelling that I failed to notice much else. And I'm very reluctant, nay almost OCD, about not taking photos of other peoples' art. But, I had a good time and look forward to returning soon. It's really an awesome building and the artwork is stunning. Some is puzzling. But that's why it's called "modern" art.One of the Gallery hosts, Joel, talked to us about the facility as well as the crowds they had during the inauguration days. The Gallery was closed on inauguration day but was open during the marches and was apparently very crowded, standing room only in many places. Joel let me take a shot of him, I thought his hair was way cool. The next two shots are the light tunnel between the two galleries. I was holding the camera on the moving stairway rail and used a 2 second exposure. I had to do a round trip and so got two perspectives, I tried one in B&W.  The fourth shot is looking down from the "Calder" tower. The staircases are a superb geometric pattern; sadly, I was unable to get the entire hand rail into the frame. But I wanted to show you the pattern and colors.Joel, NGA - East_____________________NGA - Light Tunnel, Color_____________________NGA Tunnel - B&W_____________________NGA East - Staircase


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