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Stacked Focus Photos

I hadn't tried this but watched a class on line that inspired me to give this technique a shot. The photos below are taken with a macro lens from about 18" away. The macro lens allows the capture of incredible detail but the penalty is that the depth of field is VERY small which means that only a very small part of the photo is in focus. Which is normally okay because sometimes you want that incredible out of focus fuzz (called bokeh) to add drama and emphasis to the main subject. But in this case, then entire necklace is the focus so I wanted the entire thing to be sharp. To do that, I took 26 photos with each aimed at (focused on) a different bead in the necklace. Then I used software to blend each of the individual shots into one using the part(s) that were in focus. While not perfect, this is a good example. Another practical component of this technique is that you can blow these images up quite a lot. The second shot is zoomed into a bead at the outer fringe at the 2:30 position.BTW, these beads are made from silk. They were purchased by my mother-in-law sometime in the late 40s or 50s while they lived in Japan. They are absolutely immaculate. Macro Silk Beads

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