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Fake News

I've gotten to the point where I don't trust anything in the news and certainly not any of the polls sponsored by news organizations or even universities, maybe especially universities. IMHO many journalists today have given up the real work of journalism and just gone for sensationalism, what we used to call "Yellow Journalism."   I don't think there are many, if any, Woodwards and Bernsteins around...mostly Jerry Springers. And we readers, well, we don't have much patience and so we want an end to our story in one paragraph. Many of us aren't really interested in facts, rather we are interested in catch phrases that validate some belief (true or not) that we individually are passionate about. With a great deal of cynicism I read an article in the NY Times about a LOCAL area 23-year-old recent college grad who needed money. He bought a "news" internet domain name, fabricated a story about fake ballot boxes,  found a picture on the internet from England,  posted that picture in his news story claiming it was evidentiary proof from Ohio, and then stepped back hoping the story would go viral. Which it did.  Then companies wanted to advertise on his website, he made big $$, and now wants to be a political consultant. All based on a "news story" that came from----his mind. And...apparently he's okay with that. Of course, this story was in a "News"paper and so I am skeptical about its veracity.We have gotten so used to being "used" that we don't even seem to really care. Credit card fraud?  Identity theft? Bank hacking? OPM hacking? Fake news? Who cares?St. Clair County AirportSeveral months ago we were in Alabama and we took a side drive around a lake not too far east of Birmingham. We were on a country road when all of a sudden an airport appeared as we crested a small hill. We weren't close to the main buildings of the field which turned out to be St. Clair County Airport, and I didn't see any activity...no planes, no people, no cars.  We were at the NE end of the field where there was a vacant building that looked like it had been a cool restaurant or lounge. Obviously it was aviation based because of the aircraft wing mounted on the front of the building and the aircraft mural at the end of the veranda. I have to admit that it was a surreal scene.  

Reagan National Airport Walkabout

Orphaned Cacti