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Writing by hand

I have this quirk, (well, I have more than one quirk, but that's a much longer post) I really, really like to hand write letters...with a fountain pen. I have this feeling that a little of me and my energy is flowing out of the pen onto the paper and that by some sort of Hogwarts manipulation of real life, the reader senses that connection. Of course that is all BS probably but that's the way I feel. The really ironic part of this quirk is that my handwriting is awful, even when I try my very best. Over the years I've collected half a dozen or so fountain pens...not expensive ones, you know the kind you find in a yard sale or a business year end sale catalogue. They each have a different style nib and so each has its own "writing personality." Some I really enjoy  writing with and others I really enjoy just seeing them unused. Life is good.Iridium Fountain Pen

Orphaned Cacti

High School