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High School

I've heard it said, and in fact have said it myself, that "It's all about high school." I guess that because we first drive in high school, we fall in love/lust for the first time in HS, we learn about economics, about well, pretty much everything. Or at least we think we do because I remember knowing everything. Now,  some fifty years after high school, there is a lot more to know. Because...well, lots of stuff has been invented, things have happened, new people, etc., etc., etc., so that's why I don't know so much and my kids now know everything. Kirsten is on the edge of falling behind in knowing it all but maybe she can catch up. I know I can't.I was home ten years ago for my 40th HS reunion and we went through our old HS building. It was vacant. My class had been the last class to graduate from there...they had been doing other things with the building since I graduated. Now...the building is gone and it's a parking lot. Probably a good thing...too many ghosts of egos past, tales of derring do, swashbuckling high schoolers from the 60s in the last of the hot rods. All these thoughts of days gone by went through my head in a couple of nano-seconds as I took this shot of one very small corner of the renovation of Kyle's high school. The building has been slowly decaying for decades and so the renovation is relatively significant. I'm not sure it will be done when Kyle graduates in four years. It's all about high school. I would NEVER go back.West Springfield High School Renovation

Writing by hand

Lorton Prison - Laurel Hill House