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Looking at this mirror, one of a pair, I couldn't help note how elegant it was and really out of place in this dismal hell hole of a prison. A narrative from their website accurately describes the reason for the mirrors, "When Eastern State Penitentiary was completed in 1836, it was known for its radial floor plan and central surveillance. All seven original cellblocks could be seen by a single overseer or guard from the Central Rotunda. However, when Cellblocks 8 and 9 were added in 1877, mirrors had to be installed in the hallway to allow guards to see down these new blocks from the center." Before the days of video cameras everywhere some means of surveillance was required and the prison minds came up with this clever method. The cabinets are really ornate and heavy, liked they belong in a mansion, not a prison. I have updated my portfolio website with select Prison Portfolio.Eastern State Penitentiary  

Lorton Prison - Laurel Hill House

The other side...