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And then...

It's the third Day of Christmas and I am looking all over the house for three French hens. (I am not sure if you capitalize the word "French" when you are linking the word to a bird.) Sigh... All of  "waiting" is over and now we are celebrating these 12 days of Christmas. The low feeling I seem to have is not really a letdown it's more of a valley where naps and rest and naps and rest and naps become important. I think I might be a little bit drained after all the waiting, fortunately, the wait is worth it. We had a wonderful beginning to the Twelve Days and each day going forward will be just as cool. I did go to Burke Lake at sunset looking for the French hens. I do NOT think I found them but I did catch this young lady, I think she might have been looking also.Burke Lake Sunset

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Merry Christmas To All