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Merry Christmas To All

The best memories I have of my family during the 50s and 60s are those of the Christmas Season; even my dad would slow down a little during that time of year. I admit being more nostalgic about family Christmas gatherings than any others we had while I was growing up. For years, many of our Christmas Day celebrations were at my Grandpa and Grandma Halvorsen's house. My grandmother was a pianist, a baker, a cook, and, very energetic so the Christmas Day celebration was busy, busy, busy...and always joyful. My grandparents would try to get their entire brood together (my dad had two siblings) but were not often successful.  Aunt Alberta lived in Minneapolis and uncle Harold lived in the D.C. area. My grandmother Jones lived in Frankfort, SD, forty miles away (which could be forever in the winter months) but my dad would drive to pick her up almost every Christmas. We ate, laughed, celebrated Christ's birth, sang Christmas carols to my Grandmother's accompaniment and had a wonderful time. At least it was for the kids...who knows what thoughts were going on in the adults minds. The shot below was taken around 1960 (think Kennedy election, Cuban revolution, etc.), plus or minus a year or two. I'm not sure. From the left, my sister Lynn, my dad's reflection in the mirror as he took the picture, my Aunt Alberta, Grandma Jones, me, Grandma Halvorsen, cousin Carol, my mom, and Grandpa Halvorsen. Over the past decades, Diane and I have also been very much "Christmas People" with our own family traditions, sharing, laughing, giving, and remembering the gift of Christ's birth and the hope that very important event brings to the world. May everyone realize the hope and peace of this wonderful Season!Halvorsen Family ChristmasOur Christmas Tree

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